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AI Programming Tools

AI programming tools are reshaping how we approach problem-solving and innovation. From streamlined code generation to advanced machine learning models, these tools are not just a futuristic concept but a present-day reality, empowering developers and enthusiasts alike.

In this blog, we dive into the latest and greatest in AI programming tools, exploring their capabilities, real-world applications, and how they're revolutionizing the tech industry.

  • AskEdith
    This natural language interface for databases translates English to SQL and helps save an hour every day.
  • Butternut AI
    Butternut AI is a website-building platform that allows users to create fully functional websites in under 20 seconds without coding.
  • Code Translator
    Code Translator is a powerful tool that leverages the latest advancements in AI, specifically GPT-3.5/4 architecture, to translate code from one programming language to another.
  • CodeWP
    CodeWP is an AI code generator and assistant designed specifically for WordPress.
  • GitHub Copilot
    A service that provides suggestions for whole lines of code inside development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • GPTGame
    GPTGame is an amazing platform that utilizes GPT to generate small, fun, and engaging JavaScript games instantly, without requiring any coding skills.
  • Kodezi
    A powerful code-generation tool that allows developers to generate code snippets in seconds.
  • TabNine
    TabNine uses neural networks to learn your coding style and suggest accurate completions for your code.
  • Unity Muse
    Unity Muse is a highly advanced AI platform designed to transform the way we create real-time 3D applications and experiences such as video games and digital twins.
  • Wizi AI
    Wizi AI is an AI-powered tool designed to assist frontend teams in their common tasks.
  • IDX
    Think of IDX as a new experimental project designed to take everything you need for developing apps across different platforms, and put it all up in the cloud.

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