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Have you ever felt like you spent too much time trying to make sense of your data? Do you have a team of elite data analysts who are stuck in the weeds and need help getting out? If either of these sounds familiar, then it’s time to hear about AskEdith. This natural language interface for databases translates English to SQL and helps save an hour every day. Let’s learn more about this amazing tool.

Established in 2022, AskEdith is a one-of-a-kind copilot designed to expedite and streamline the workflow of data analysts. It provides powerful support by transforming natural language (English) into code written in SQL – the universal database language for accessing and manipulating digital information.

AskEdith works by translating English into SQL queries. It does this by taking the English query, breaking it down into keywords, and then mapping those keywords to the appropriate columns in the database.

This allows users to quickly find answers to their questions without having to write complicated code or wade through endless lines of data. It also automates some of the tedious tasks associated with data discovery such as validating inputs, performing joins on tables, and writing complex queries.

By empowering data professionals to make intelligent connections quicker than ever before, AskEdith does more than just shrink turnaround times. It enables users to focus their time and resources on tackling bigger issues such as scaling operations, finding growth opportunities, and better-serving customers. This makes AskEdith an invaluable partner for the modern business looking to realize its full potential.

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