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Think of IDX as a new experimental project designed to take everything you need for developing apps across different platforms, and put it all up in the cloud.

Project IDX

The Workspace

Imagine a web-based workspace that feels like your good old coding environment but with a new twist. It’s fresh, and this is just the beginning! They’re looking for people like you to chime in and help make app development better and easier.

Start Working Instantly

Project IDX is all about speed. You can open your browser and dive straight into developing an application. It’s not about waiting days but mere seconds. And you can do this from anywhere, on any device, all backed by Google Cloud’s top-notch security and scalability.

Use Popular Building Tools

Have a favorite way of building apps? No worries, Project IDX supports various frameworks like Angular, Next.js, React, Svelte, and Flutter, and Python and Go are on the way too.

Even if you’ve already started on GitHub, you can bring your existing apps into Project IDX. They’re compatible with most tech setups.

Preview and Optimize Your Apps

Project IDX doesn’t just let you build; it helps you see your app as your users will.

Upcoming features include previews on multiple web browsers, Android devices, and even iOS simulators. 

It’s all about optimizing your apps to look and perform their best across platforms.

Speed Up Coding with AI

Remember when you wished coding could be faster? Well, Project IDX includes AI assistance from Google. This involves generating code, completing code lines, translating code between different languages, explaining what code does, and more.

All of this magic is handled by Codey, an AI model specifically trained to understand and help with coding, based on something known as PaLM 2.

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