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Microsoft Designer

Microsoft recently announced the release of its new creative and productivity tool, the Microsoft Designer. During their Ignite conference, Microsoft shared that DALL-E 2 will be integrated into the recently unveiled Microsoft Designer app. This will give users access to a powerful tool that allows them to easily create stunning visuals.

Designer is a web-based application that helps people create visuals for various purposes, like presentations, posters, digital postcards, invitations, and promotional graphics. It is similar to Canva in many ways, such as giving users a template to help generate visually appealing visuals quickly, without the need for special design skills. The software was made available to a larger audience in an attempt to make OpenAI’s technology more accessible.

Designer works by utilizing user-generated material, DALL-E 2, and drop-down menus and text boxes to generate design ideas. The integration of DALL-E 2, an AI-driven system that creates images from text, into Microsoft’s first-party apps and services is set to boost their capabilities significantly.

Microsoft Designer provides an intuitive tool, the Designer Copilot, which enables users to create their first visual using artificial intelligence (AI). In the “Add Your Own Images” section, the user can select the “Start With an AI-Generated Image” option to access the capabilities of the DALL-E 2 platform.

To create an AI-generated image, the user simply has to enter a descriptive phrase into the provided box and the AI will generate an image that reflects the user’s request.

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