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Fliki is a platform that enables users to create videos from text. It uses artificial intelligence to generate lifelike voices, making the videos sound natural and engaging. With Fliki, users can quickly and easily turn blog posts, articles, and scripts into visually appealing and informative videos. The platform provides a range of features, including customizable backgrounds, text animations, and more.

Using Fliki is simple. Just enter the URL of your blog post or script, and the AI-powered platform will automatically summarize your content, find the perfect visuals, and create a video with a human-like voiceover in your desired voice. With over 900 voices in 75 different languages, you can choose the perfect voice to match your video’s tone and style.

With Fliki’s rich stock media library, you can select from millions of images, video clips, and background music to enhance your video’s message and make it more engaging. Plus, you have the option to customize your subtitles with your brand color and font options, ensuring that your video is on-brand and visually appealing.

Say goodbye to robotic voices and time-consuming video editing. With Fliki, you can create professional-quality videos in just two minutes, with ease and without any hassle.

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