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Cascadeur is a specialized 3D animation software that helps you create life-like keyframe animations. Whether it’s for video games or movies, Cascadeur aims to make the process accessible and user-friendly.

You can either create animations from scratch or refine existing motion-capture data. What’s more, you get total control over the final output.

Effortless Character Rigging

Cascadeur features a Quick Rigging Tool that simplifies the rigging process. Just drag and drop the joints to generate a rig for your character. It’s compatible with standard skeletons from platforms like Daz3d, Character Creator, Mixamo, Unreal Engine, Metahuman, and And if you want to go custom, you can modify the automated rig or design one for non-humanoid characters.

Streamlined Posing with AI Assistance

Cascadeur uses neural network-based technology to make the posing process faster and more intuitive. To create a pose, you just move the primary control points, and the software will automatically adjust the rest of the character’s body. However, if you want more control, you can individually adjust any point.

Realistic Motion with AutoPhysics

The AutoPhysics Tool aims to provide your animations with natural movements while keeping your original work mostly intact. It offers a preview by displaying the suggested animation on a green version of your character. If you like what you see, you can apply it with ease.

Enrich Animations with Secondary Movements

A separate tool allows you to inject secondary motions into your animations. These include effects like shaking, bouncing, and overlapping, and they can be customized for specific body parts to give your animations a lifelike feel.

Comprehensive Animation Toolkit

In addition to these features, Cascadeur provides a plethora of other animation tools, such as Trajectories, Ghosts, Copy Tool, Tween Machine, IK/FK Interpolation, Graph Editor, and Video Reference Import, among others. The aim is to make all these tools user-friendly while continuously updating the software with new capabilities.

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