Skip to main content is a search engine that helps you find the best parts of the internet while keeping your privacy in mind. It uses AI to find the most relevant results from the web and apps, which you can sort and prioritize for the best search experience. You have control over your search results, privacy, and time. 

To use, you can go to its website or make it your default homepage. When you enter a search query, your results will appear in categories such as Web Results, News, Videos, Images, and Maps. You can easily switch between these categories in the sidebar. also includes quick facts and summarized results from popular sites that are relevant to your search. This is similar to Google’s Related Searches and Knowledge Panels. For example, if you search for video games, you’ll see results from Amazon and Reddit where you can buy or read discussions about them. prioritizes relevancy and your preferences in your settings to provide the best search results for you.

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