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Genmo is an AI-powered tool that aims to assist humans in creating and editing videos, images, and even scripts. With its advanced video generation model, users can ask Genmo to generate and edit movies from scratch by providing a title and refining their ideas into a proposed script. The model generates a variety of scenes, transitions, and text overlays that match the plotline, and the human can critique them iteratively to achieve the desired results.

In addition, users can upload an existing image and ask Genmo to animate part of it, such as animating the sky in a starry night photo into a timelapse, while the user controls the animation by specifying which parts to animate.

Genmo also allows users to edit and create photos with natural language, where they can replace content and change image styles by directing the creative process at a high level, while the model suggests specific details and calls the necessary tools to get the job done.

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