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DeepL, a startup from Cologne, has been shaking up the translation industry with its innovative translation tool. DeepL was founded by a former Google employee, and it uses deep learning technology based on artificial neural networks.

This allows DeepL to produce more naturally worded text than any of its big competitors. DeepL is quickly gaining market share, and it is well on its way to becoming the leading translation tool.

DeepL’s mission is to make artificial intelligence more accessible and understandable to everyone. DeepL’s products include DeepL Translate, which is an online language translation tool that uses deep learning to provide more accurate translations than traditional translation tools.

How does DeepL work?

DeepL Translator is a cutting-edge translation system that uses artificial neural networks to translate texts. These networks are trained on millions of translated texts, giving them an impressive understanding of grammar and syntax. As a result, DeepL Translator is able to produce accurate translations very quickly.

And because it is based on neural networks, DeepL Translator is constantly learning and improving its translations. For example, if a new word or phrase is introduced, DeepL Translator will learn it and start using it in future translations. This makes DeepL Translator an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to translate text quickly and accurately.

The neural networks used by DeepL for machine translation are based on a deep recurrent neural network architecture called Transformer. DeepL’s neural networks, for example, include elements of this architecture, such as attention algorithms. However, the topology of the networks has significant differences that result in a substantial boost in translation quality over the public research state of the art.

What is DeepL Pro?

DeepL Pro is a subscription-based translation service that provides access to DeepL Translator with better features. With DeepL Pro, you can translate text in 28 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese.

It offers:

  • Unlimited text translation: With no limit on the amount of text you can translate, or the number of characters per translation, it’s perfect for dealing with large volumes of text. 
  • Translation of whole files: With DeepL Pro, you can quickly and easily translate any document while retaining its original formatting. This means that you can save time by not having to reformat your documents after translation. DeepL Pro also offers a convenient change language feature, which allows you to quickly and easily change the language of a document without having to retranslate it from scratch.
  • Expanded customization options: With expanded customization options, you can tweak the results to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a more accurate translation or want to tailor the results to your specific audience, DeepL Pro gives you the power to get exactly what you want. 
  • Maximum data security: One of the great things about DeepL Pro is that it offers maximum data security. Your texts are immediately deleted after the translation, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing them.
  • API access: The DeepL API plan gives you access to our JSON-based REST API, so you can integrate DeepL’s translation technology into your own products and platforms.

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