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Clean Voice utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to help users enhance the quality of their podcasts or audio recordings. The tool is designed to remove distracting filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth sounds that may hinder the clarity of the audio content.

One of the unique features of Clean Voice is its ability to work with multiple languages, including German, French, Australian, and Irish accents. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to detect and remove filler sounds, making it easier for podcasters to create more engaging and captivating content.

In addition to removing filler sounds, Clean Voice also features a Deadair Remover that helps users identify and shorten excessively long periods of silence. This feature can be especially useful in keeping the audience engaged throughout the podcast or audio recording.

For users who prefer to edit their podcasts manually, Clean Voice also offers a Timeline Export feature that enables them to export their timeline into their preferred editing software. This feature allows users to retain more control over the editing process while still benefiting from the assistance provided by Clean Voice.

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