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Animated Drawings

Imagine being able to see your child’s drawings come to life and move around – that’s exactly what Meta AI Research is doing with their animated drawings! Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, they can take children’s drawings and animate the characters to create short videos.

This is an incredible way to bring children’s creativity to life, and it’s also a great way to share their artwork with family and friends. Meta AI Research is currently working on making this technology available to everyone so that anyone can create their own animated videos.

One of the challenges facing AI is that, unlike adults, children don’t always draw objects as they appear in real life. A child’s drawing of a house, for example, might just be a few squiggles on a piece of paper. But to a child, those squiggles represent a home with a family inside it. The challenge for AI is to understand that level of abstraction.

The researchers at Meta have been working on this problem by developing an algorithm that can interpret child’s drawings and animate characters appearing in these drawings.

The team is certainly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. They hope that by teaching AI to work effectively with human creativity, they will be able to build AI that can better understand the world from a human perspective.

How to Create Animation from Your Drawing?

It is really easy, you only need to upload your child’s drawing and then let the AI do the rest. It will scan for the main character and set the bone for animation. You can adjust the character and the bone.

After completing the 4 steps Meta asks for, you will get an animation of the uploaded photo.

The tool allows you to select different animation sets like Dace, Funny, Jumping and Walking.

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